Our customers

Self propelled river oil tankers and barges were combined to operate by DUNAJINTERTRANS s.r.o. They have a constant demand on the transportation market of the oil products on Danube.

Our customers: logistics department of financial and industrial group NIS (Petroleum Industry of Serbia), Slovnaft Bratislava (member of the MOL group), Slovenska Plavba a Prístavy. As charterers are companies: Evronova(Geneva), Sonact Group (Montreal), Tamoza Trading (Cyprus), Business Oil Platform LLP, Unicom Oil Tranzit and other.

Technical supervision of ships carries Slovak Register of Shipping and Shipping Register of Ukraine in respect of ADN questions. Directive 2006/87/ES execution – is under Polski Rejestr Statkow control. Technical supply and repairs are made by the Slovak shipyards.

Crewing is provided inhouse.